Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Who you Inspire

“You never know who you're inspiring or 

uninspiring. People notice more than you 


"I can't do it!" That's what a fellow student of my woodcarving class told me.
I gave her a funny a look. 
Funny because she was one of the best workers in the fifteen student class. Easily one of the top three.
I kind of snorted, taking it as a joke. She was known to do that.
Her first baluster was coming along beautifully.
"It looks pretty good," I tried.
She threw her parting tool down.
"Ugh. I quit!" she muttered, pushing away from her station and storming out.
She left her unfinished baluster turning.
I was speechless.
None of us could get a word in edgewise, not even the instructor, because she was already pulling out of the center.
All we could do is finish our
"What's her problem?" our neighbor behind us asked.
I shrugged, going back to work.
"Ignore her," my new neighbor answered. "She's angry cause she's not the best the best anymore. She can't add a new flare to her work and she's frustrated. All she's been doing is complaining. Good riddance."
"Oh," I answered. I looked at her work. The other week she had made a lovely wooden spoon I would've bought from her if it were for sell. "Her work's always so nice."
I knew how hard it was pour over work that wouldn't perfect itself.
Frustrating wasn't accurate enough a word.
"Well. Yours is better according to her. I guess she's had enough."
I looked down at my work appalled.
My work was sloppy, uneven, and hardly appealing.
"Are you kidding me?"
He shrugged, chuckling.
"Don't ask the messenger. I don't get it either. But all she did was groan about you. I guess today was the last straw."
"I love your turns," the girl behind me told me. "They're different."
I balked.
I had never put a lot of thought into my creations, just the fact that I created them.
I never meant to, nor did I know, I was discouraging or encouraging anyone with my work.
I'll never stop being myself, but I'll hold myself and my creations on a level I'm proud of so it'll mean something.
Different people look at different things very differently.
We may all be the same on a generally human level, but inside,
we have uniquely patterned hearts.
Let people notice what you create.
Stay proud of your work.

If you're a D.I.Yer, here's a link to great book to get started with woodworking. 

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