Madmen? Or is that sexist? Mad people?

And school to top it off.

Never forgetting a promise they made when they were younger, E’haile (Hailey) Summer and Talia Hayes agree to a truce and meet before the summer deadline is up.

But upon the completion their goals, they are attacked by a monster. An attack they narrowly escape, but leaves a wide margin for change. And not all for the best.

First comes the stalkers, then the teachers, then more madness, and then all around crazy. Strange things are happening in Faraday, and it certainly is more than Hailey and Talia bargained for.

Even worse all these strange things seem to be happening to them.

Inevitably pulled together in this twisted fate, Hailey and Talia must work together if they want to survive the worst threat they have known. And if they do it right, they might just come out on top. Or floating bellies up.

But if haters didn’t get the message, they aren’t just two adolescent girls trying to find their way in life. They are E’haile & Talia Summer. E and T. ET. Forever intertwined.

They are Ampersand.

And enemies best beware.

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Are You Ready!

I'd like to give credit to and thank Michael Tension (Fey Truet in Impact Label Tension font) and Ryan Martison (Ampersand in Gist-Rough Yellow Design Studio font) for the lovely fonts I've used in both my book cover and inner cover arts. 
-Thank you.

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