Thursday, September 7, 2017

Happy Ampersand Day!!! 6 Month Updates.

Wow! It's been Six Months Off The Grid. Just Wow.

So to begin,



&, yes. It really is a thing I discovered, and it's today.

It was founded this day two years ago by Chaz DiSimone, known for his "Amperart" and, in my opinion, should be celebrated.

Fun facts:

  • The ampersand symbol is a combination  E and T, et, the Latin word for and, hence it's meaning, And.

  • The ampersand used to be the last character in the alphabet.

  • Riding the alphabet wave, the ampersand used to be pronounced, "And Per Se," however, kids and adults alike would slur that phrase until the pronunciation became the "Ampersand" we know and love today.

  • The plus sign is actually an ampersand?! (Who knew?)

That's right!

Also, to commemorate this momentous day, Ampersand: E'haile and Talia is free until Thursday, September 14.
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& Another Update, The next Installation of the Altered World Series,
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I believe that is it for the updates.

Once again,

"Happy Ampersand Day!"

Try using ampersands in all your writing. Add a little fun and replace your "ands" with "&s". Create your own unique Amperart! Tell everyone you know. (Man I'm a dork ^'^.) Either way, enjoy your day. I know I will mine.

--As Always, Yours Truly,

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Rest in natural great peace, this
exhausted mind, beaten helpless by
 karma and neurotic thought, like the
 relentless fury of the pounding waves
 in the infinite ocean of samsara.

Crushed, crushed by the wheel of fate.

I don't know anyone who'd tell you life is easy.
Bless the soul of anyone who can tell you that,
cause surely, they've found the World's golden key and honest truth about life.
For the rest of us, it's strife until we find our way in life.
Oh, how it feels to be crushed by the wheel of fate.
To be homeless and loveless.
To be abused and tortured.

Crushed, Cursed, by the wheel of fate.

And yet, at the end of the day, life once again has prevailed.

Anger at self, and rage at circumstances.
Pride in accomplishments and gratification from triumphs.
Joy from loving, bliss from being loved.
Then the wheel turns, and round it round it goes,
turning with it the helpless, fate-less, you, who deserves no comfort, no peace,
no everlasting feeling.

You work hard, if you deem it so, then it is all for naught.
You do nothing, if it is your will, it is time well spent.
You're poor, but if you tell yourself so, you are rich.
You are rich, but if your attitude is maladjusted, a pauper be you.
Ugly, beautiful. 
They are but words, the feelings behind the mask of them revealing so much more about a person.

Is there luck?
Are there coincidences?
Does Karma exist?

Why ask others how to write your own book?
To redraw your map?
To color over your canvas?
To put strings on you and move you about like a puppet?

Yes, it is exhausting.
True, no comfort is the issue.
Of course it's hard.

But the struggle is natural.
The struggle is real.

Do not avoid the Spinning Wheel.
Because for once,
it may spin in your favor.

Be you today and love it.
Even if you hate it.

Samsara is wandering.
It's a cycle of being born and reborn.
The cycle of successive existence.

You'll go to sleep for intervals and will never wake up, because the you that wakes up is someone different, even just slightly, than the one that closed their eyes.

All, life, matter, and existence moves forward regardless.
A dog that dies does not just sit in the road.
Life moves on regardless.
Matter moves on regardless.
Its Existence is perpetual, and has been made so other other life and matter may exist.

Keep pushing forward,
regardless of what crushes you.
What chains bind you.

All is relentless.
All are tired.
All quiets.

But peace lies in the ideals of the neurotic mind.

--Peace be with all,


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Change The World

“Words and magic are two powerful forces

 that can change the world.” 

― Amy NeftzgerThe War of Words

For better or for worse, we all have messages.

Messages, we humans render into words.

We have good words. We have bad words.
Bland words for the bored. Apathetic ones for the sardonic.
There are words so hollow you feel them eating out your bone marrow.
And words so sharp they cut at your wit.
Some words are emptier than black holes.
Some fuller than a compact space.
Words can mean everything, or words can mean nothing.

It's all a matter of semantics.

The same is true for magic.
Magic can be influence.
Or pure manipulation can be magic.
It can be the mystery that nudges you, or the miracle that heals all.
Magic is sometimes pure wonder.
At other times it's a complete crock.

It's all in how we see it. Perceive it.

One thing for sure,
every single motion we enact,
it has impact.

A tiny pebble so insignificant causes ripples that fans out and unsettles the Calm.

That, my friends, is magic.

Each formula expressed in the presence of another is a message translated diversely in the many various ways.

Like a wave of effects, every word, every action or inaction otherwise, affects everything else around you.
Even if you aren't aware.

Words become tools. Actions becomes devices.
You become powerful.

And when used in the cleverest of ways, you hold the power of the most profound change the world has known.




Do you know words are magic?
But magic isn't just words.
Magic is everything.
But just by sharing your message you unsettle the Calm.
Stir the pot.
Influence the great and the poor otherwise.
Move strangers you'll meet in heart.

You can create magic.
And just by creating you become powerful.
By sharing your magic,
Your words, messages, feelings, or otherwise,
you aggravate a might truth.

We are all creators,
and we can change the world.

--Thanks for Listening to my Message,


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Friday, March 3, 2017

The World Is . . .

“Funny + sad is what I'm pitching for, 

every time.” 

― Nick Hornby

The world indeed is a funny and sad place.
A lot of people tell me there is nothing funny about their lives, but I smile.
Then I tell them, "There's humor in everything. Even when there isn't."
Often Ironic humor.
A lot of us are guilty of smiling or even laughing when in the lousiest, most nonplussed of situations.
Sarcasm was invented to humor the bewildering.
We all approach life at times with sardonic steps, mocking ourselves, others, our world, even their Great Creators.
I find all this sad.
Which is why we all tend to approach many things with humor.
Because we can't always be happy.
And even a sham of or an attempt at the love we call joy is better than nothing.
It keeps us from sinking into the negative when that's all we're surrounded by at times.
But it is in no way a bad thing.
What's funny, what's sad, and what is both serve as important reminders for what we truly need to remember.
You can't have an up with no down; A hello without a goodbye.
So what need would we have for true happiness if we didn't have true sadness.
Sadness is one of our great teachers, and the most honest of motivators.
You'd have no need for fun if you didn't know what joy was.
Then there'd be little reason to be bitter without fun.
Without bitterness, there'd be no envy, and without envy, there'd be no diversity.
Without diversity, there'd be little motivation on our parts.
And from an outside view, that'd be funny and sad.
But inside, what could be a more pitiful existence?

Moreso pitiful than that person who laughs sullenly when they're aggrieved.
But the truth is, that person isn't pitiful at all.
Just guilty of a little contrast.
Being different.
They're a different person in different world from you.

Our worlds are different.
And only because our joys and sorrows allows us to perceive so much so differently in the little time we have.
Enjoy your human experience despite whatever shortcomings that trip you or riches you spoil.
Go for funny + sad every time.

It's what create the unique being that is you.
It's what worlds are made of.

--Thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend.


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Thanks for everything!!!

--Happy Friday to Everyone!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Live Full Lives

“My job is to inspire others to live full 

lives. Whether I do that through my 

writing or my actions are one in the 


― Victoria Klein

Check out this article here!

Three different teams of scientist performed three different studies of our D.N.A.
and have all come to the same conclusion:

That our emotions affect our DNA, and our DNA shapes the world around us so that our emotions physically change the world around us.

Human emotion shapes not only our perceptions of reality, but reality itself. It affects light photon behavior, and defies all laws of physics.

"We create our reality by choosing it with our feelings"

And like the poles of any magnet, we are all interconnected.

I'm writing this to inspire. My actions are geared towards your human condition. And I hope they shape a better you who will realize the reality you've always wanted.

--Good luck, and happy feelings

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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--Ever Thankful,

Who you Inspire

“You never know who you're inspiring or 

uninspiring. People notice more than you 


"I can't do it!" That's what a fellow student of my woodcarving class told me.
I gave her a funny a look. 
Funny because she was one of the best workers in the fifteen student class. Easily one of the top three.
I kind of snorted, taking it as a joke. She was known to do that.
Her first baluster was coming along beautifully.
"It looks pretty good," I tried.
She threw her parting tool down.
"Ugh. I quit!" she muttered, pushing away from her station and storming out.
She left her unfinished baluster turning.
I was speechless.
None of us could get a word in edgewise, not even the instructor, because she was already pulling out of the center.
All we could do is finish our
"What's her problem?" our neighbor behind us asked.
I shrugged, going back to work.
"Ignore her," my new neighbor answered. "She's angry cause she's not the best the best anymore. She can't add a new flare to her work and she's frustrated. All she's been doing is complaining. Good riddance."
"Oh," I answered. I looked at her work. The other week she had made a lovely wooden spoon I would've bought from her if it were for sell. "Her work's always so nice."
I knew how hard it was pour over work that wouldn't perfect itself.
Frustrating wasn't accurate enough a word.
"Well. Yours is better according to her. I guess she's had enough."
I looked down at my work appalled.
My work was sloppy, uneven, and hardly appealing.
"Are you kidding me?"
He shrugged, chuckling.
"Don't ask the messenger. I don't get it either. But all she did was groan about you. I guess today was the last straw."
"I love your turns," the girl behind me told me. "They're different."
I balked.
I had never put a lot of thought into my creations, just the fact that I created them.
I never meant to, nor did I know, I was discouraging or encouraging anyone with my work.
I'll never stop being myself, but I'll hold myself and my creations on a level I'm proud of so it'll mean something.
Different people look at different things very differently.
We may all be the same on a generally human level, but inside,
we have uniquely patterned hearts.
Let people notice what you create.
Stay proud of your work.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Create in Some Way

“If we can write or sing or create in some 

way, even when we are dealing with 

difficulties or pain, then it becomes 

something bigger than ourselves — and often 


Only our creations are perfect, and because we are gods in our own respect, they are only perfect when we deem them so.
Create for yourself,
and if you so please,
Share with the world.

--With Much Love,

Friday, February 24, 2017

Looking for Trouble?

A Few Updates on the Altered World Series.

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