Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Best Gift of All

So here it is.

The end of the year.

We've made it!

Despite Everything.

And I hope to all that your year wasn't as arduous as mine.

But what's great for me? Well, tomorrow! Because the end of a year is always my favorite time of year. It's when I get to brush off the old and cleanse myself of it again. It's when I get to rethink my life as not to repeat what's bad and learn the new me. It's when I get to celebrate my rebirth like the Phoenix of legend, or Gods of Old.

But tomorrow for me is special: Tomorrow is the day of my birth. And that it's at the end of the year (give or take a day) means so much more and makes it so very special.

And because my birthday's time of unfolding is gift enough, I wanted to give back to all who have supported me.

So nothing would make my day more than if everyone took home there own copy of Ampersand: E'haile & Talia completely free of charge to everyone (Amazon only) beginning tonight at 12:00 a.m Eastern time and ending 11:59 p.m Tuesday night.

This awesome story making your Year's End great, or bringing you into the New Year with a bang would be the Best Gift Of All only second to the Greatest, Most Specialist Readers In The World (And that title is worth boasting over).

So one thing I can reflect on is how great you all are, and how kind and patient people still are, and that makes both my day, year, and entire life. Only, in all earnest meanings, I want to say thanks. And enjoy.

--Happy Holidays, And a Very Special New
Year!!! :)

Fey Truet!

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