Remnant Tails

Losing their parents at a young age, Emare has promised to always care for her brother.

To prevail at any and all cost.

No matter what.

But when it comes to be impossible, she commits a sin worse than death: She sells her soul. And to a demon no less. 

The Magician Cross.

Giving her a new lease on life, Cross delivers to her the ability to care for her brother, and the means for his survival. However, six years, he warns her. Six years from the night he has saved her must she meet him again where they’ve met first.

Six years to care for her brother. Six years left to live.

And six years past. 

Emare bids farewell to the intimate life she has built for herself, leaving all regrets behind. She returns to Cross, her existence spurred, and is banished as the Magician’s familiar, and solely because her spirit’s soul-self is known as the ever despicable glutton.

The Remnant.

Forced to cope with her new life away from her brother, friends, and home, Emare may be in for more than she bargained. Being that her soul-self may be known as the all devouring, the all-devouring is known to be devoured for its alluring scent. And ghouls are already crawling from the dark to get her.

Emare must strive as she always has to survive, but for her, this is a new beginning. 

A new Tale.

Emare is The Remnant Tails.

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