Friday, March 3, 2017

The World Is . . .

“Funny + sad is what I'm pitching for, 

every time.” 

― Nick Hornby

The world indeed is a funny and sad place.
A lot of people tell me there is nothing funny about their lives, but I smile.
Then I tell them, "There's humor in everything. Even when there isn't."
Often Ironic humor.
A lot of us are guilty of smiling or even laughing when in the lousiest, most nonplussed of situations.
Sarcasm was invented to humor the bewildering.
We all approach life at times with sardonic steps, mocking ourselves, others, our world, even their Great Creators.
I find all this sad.
Which is why we all tend to approach many things with humor.
Because we can't always be happy.
And even a sham of or an attempt at the love we call joy is better than nothing.
It keeps us from sinking into the negative when that's all we're surrounded by at times.
But it is in no way a bad thing.
What's funny, what's sad, and what is both serve as important reminders for what we truly need to remember.
You can't have an up with no down; A hello without a goodbye.
So what need would we have for true happiness if we didn't have true sadness.
Sadness is one of our great teachers, and the most honest of motivators.
You'd have no need for fun if you didn't know what joy was.
Then there'd be little reason to be bitter without fun.
Without bitterness, there'd be no envy, and without envy, there'd be no diversity.
Without diversity, there'd be little motivation on our parts.
And from an outside view, that'd be funny and sad.
But inside, what could be a more pitiful existence?

Moreso pitiful than that person who laughs sullenly when they're aggrieved.
But the truth is, that person isn't pitiful at all.
Just guilty of a little contrast.
Being different.
They're a different person in different world from you.

Our worlds are different.
And only because our joys and sorrows allows us to perceive so much so differently in the little time we have.
Enjoy your human experience despite whatever shortcomings that trip you or riches you spoil.
Go for funny + sad every time.

It's what create the unique being that is you.
It's what worlds are made of.

--Thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend.

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