Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Change The World

“Words and magic are two powerful forces

 that can change the world.” 

― Amy NeftzgerThe War of Words

For better or for worse, we all have messages.

Messages, we humans render into words.

We have good words. We have bad words.
Bland words for the bored. Apathetic ones for the sardonic.
There are words so hollow you feel them eating out your bone marrow.
And words so sharp they cut at your wit.
Some words are emptier than black holes.
Some fuller than a compact space.
Words can mean everything, or words can mean nothing.

It's all a matter of semantics.

The same is true for magic.
Magic can be influence.
Or pure manipulation can be magic.
It can be the mystery that nudges you, or the miracle that heals all.
Magic is sometimes pure wonder.
At other times it's a complete crock.

It's all in how we see it. Perceive it.

One thing for sure,
every single motion we enact,
it has impact.

A tiny pebble so insignificant causes ripples that fans out and unsettles the Calm.

That, my friends, is magic.

Each formula expressed in the presence of another is a message translated diversely in the many various ways.

Like a wave of effects, every word, every action or inaction otherwise, affects everything else around you.
Even if you aren't aware.

Words become tools. Actions becomes devices.
You become powerful.

And when used in the cleverest of ways, you hold the power of the most profound change the world has known.




Do you know words are magic?
But magic isn't just words.
Magic is everything.
But just by sharing your message you unsettle the Calm.
Stir the pot.
Influence the great and the poor otherwise.
Move strangers you'll meet in heart.

You can create magic.
And just by creating you become powerful.
By sharing your magic,
Your words, messages, feelings, or otherwise,
you aggravate a might truth.

We are all creators,
and we can change the world.

--Thanks for Listening to my Message,


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