Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Rest in natural great peace, this
exhausted mind, beaten helpless by
 karma and neurotic thought, like the
 relentless fury of the pounding waves
 in the infinite ocean of samsara.

Crushed, crushed by the wheel of fate.

I don't know anyone who'd tell you life is easy.
Bless the soul of anyone who can tell you that,
cause surely, they've found the World's golden key and honest truth about life.
For the rest of us, it's strife until we find our way in life.
Oh, how it feels to be crushed by the wheel of fate.
To be homeless and loveless.
To be abused and tortured.

Crushed, Cursed, by the wheel of fate.

And yet, at the end of the day, life once again has prevailed.

Anger at self, and rage at circumstances.
Pride in accomplishments and gratification from triumphs.
Joy from loving, bliss from being loved.
Then the wheel turns, and round it round it goes,
turning with it the helpless, fate-less, you, who deserves no comfort, no peace,
no everlasting feeling.

You work hard, if you deem it so, then it is all for naught.
You do nothing, if it is your will, it is time well spent.
You're poor, but if you tell yourself so, you are rich.
You are rich, but if your attitude is maladjusted, a pauper be you.
Ugly, beautiful. 
They are but words, the feelings behind the mask of them revealing so much more about a person.

Is there luck?
Are there coincidences?
Does Karma exist?

Why ask others how to write your own book?
To redraw your map?
To color over your canvas?
To put strings on you and move you about like a puppet?

Yes, it is exhausting.
True, no comfort is the issue.
Of course it's hard.

But the struggle is natural.
The struggle is real.

Do not avoid the Spinning Wheel.
Because for once,
it may spin in your favor.

Be you today and love it.
Even if you hate it.

Samsara is wandering.
It's a cycle of being born and reborn.
The cycle of successive existence.

You'll go to sleep for intervals and will never wake up, because the you that wakes up is someone different, even just slightly, than the one that closed their eyes.

All, life, matter, and existence moves forward regardless.
A dog that dies does not just sit in the road.
Life moves on regardless.
Matter moves on regardless.
Its Existence is perpetual, and has been made so other other life and matter may exist.

Keep pushing forward,
regardless of what crushes you.
What chains bind you.

All is relentless.
All are tired.
All quiets.

But peace lies in the ideals of the neurotic mind.

--Peace be with all,


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